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1B Powergoals

Power Goal


Tricky Words

1. Cover parts of one-syllable words to find chunks I know.

2. Think of a word that looks the same and rhymes (If a-m is "am", then h-a-m is "ham".)


Watch these YouTube video:

3.Use final "e" rule to figure out new words (us/use)


Online games:

4. Use long vowel teams to figure out new words (each, tail, boat).


5.Use "r" chunks to figure out new words (ar, er, ir, or, ur).


6. Use blends at the end of words (desk /wish)


7. Stop and try again when something doesn't look right, sound right, or make sense.

  • Read to a friend. Get a talking bookmark and talk to a friend about the main topic and key details.
  • Google Doc
  • Ask as you read: Does that make sense? Does that sound like a word I know?

8.When I get stuck, I say "blank," read on, and come back to fill in the tricky word.

9. Retell the important events in a story in the correct order.

Read a 1B book and fill out a sequencing chart worksheet.

Sequencing Chart Worksheet

10. Tell what the book was about: main topic and key details or problem and solution.

  • Read a 1B book and fill out a main idea and detail worksheet.
  • Main Idea and Detail Worksheet
  • Read a 1B book and fill out a problem and solution worksheet.

11. Read by myself for 15 minutes getting tired using a whisper voice.

Set a timer on your iPad and see how long you can read before getting tired and stopping.

Biscuit - Ayssa Capucilli

Harry - Harriet Ziefert

Spot - Eric Hill

Little Bear - Else Minark

Puppy Mudge - Cynthia Rylant

12. Read at home for at least 30 minutes every night.

  • Read to friends and family
  • Fill out your reading log at home and get a parent or guardian to sign it every night.
  • Get a book bag from your teacher and read the books in the bag every night.