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2nd Grade


Please do not hesitate to contact us at 760-631-6675.

You can also email by clicking on the mail icon.

Kathleen Buscemi

Barry Spacher

Marleau Gurell


All Second Graders must read 30 minutes a night

Reading can include:

Library Book - Each week your child will check out a library book. Please read this book with your child every night to prepare them for their AR test at school.

Other books - Any books in your home can also be read. This will give your child a wide range of books to choose from.

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7May 07, no events8May 08, no events9May 09, no events10May 10, no events11May 11, no events12May 12, no events13May 13, no events
14May 14, no events15May 15, no events16May 16, no events17May 17, no events18May 18, no events19May 19, no events20May 20, no events
21May 21, no events22May 22, no events23May 23, no events24May 24, no events25May 25, no events26Today, May 26, no events27May 27, no events
28May 28, no events29May 29, no events30May 30, no events31May 31, no events1June 01, no events2June 02, no events3June 03, no events
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