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3Y and 1G Power Goals



1. Read 1G words with flash speed

2. When I come to a word I don't know, I make the first letter sound.

3. Look at pictures for clues.

Complete picture-word match (Lexia skill builder L5 and L7)

4. Say one word for each written word.

Touch the words as I read

5. Stop if something doesn't look right, sound right, or make sense, and try again.

  • Read to friends and family
  • Ask as you read: Does that make sense? Does that sound like a word I know?

6. Reread when I am stuck.

Read to friends and family

7. Tell someone what the book was about: Main topic and key details.

Read to a friend. Get a talking bookmark and talk to a friend about the main topic and key details.

Main Topic and Key Details Worksheet

8. Hear words that do and do not rhyme. (cat/fat; cat/dog)

9. Read by myself for 15 minutes without getting tired.

Set a timer on your iPad and see how long you can read before getting tired and stopping.

10. Read by myself for 30 minutes a night.